List of Dimps games

Dragon Ball: The Breakers+1 plt.MMO (other)Oct 14, 202210/14/2022Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Missioncard / jRPGApr 5, 201904/05/2019Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet+1 plt.actionFeb 23, 201802/23/2018Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2+2 plt.fightingOct 25, 201610/25/2016Saint Seiya: Soldiers' SoulfightingSep 25, 201509/25/2015Dragon Ball Xenoverse+2 plt.fightingFeb 5, 201502/05/2015Freedom WarsactionJun 26, 201406/26/2014Ultra Street Fighter 4+2 plt.fightingApr 18, 201404/18/2014Sonic: Lost WorldplatformerOct 18, 201310/18/2013Saint Seiya: Brave SoldiersfightingOct 17, 201310/17/2013Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate MissioncardFeb 28, 201302/28/2013Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battlefighting / hack & slashNov 23, 201111/23/2011Sonic: GenerationsplatformerNov 22, 201111/22/2011Super Monkey Ball 3DSarcade / puzzle, logicMar 3, 201103/03/2011Super Street Fighter IV 3D EditionfightingFeb 26, 201102/26/2011Sonic Colors+3 plt.actionNov 12, 201011/12/2010Dragon Ball: EvolutionfightingMar 19, 200903/19/2009Sonic Unleashedaction / adventure / platformerNov 18, 200811/18/2008Dragon Ball Z: Infinite WorldfightingNov 4, 200811/04/2008Dragon Ball Z: Burst LimitfightingJun 5, 200806/05/2008Sonic Rush Adventureaction / platformerSep 18, 200709/18/2007Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another RoadfightingMar 20, 200703/20/2007Crash Boom Bang!mini-game / partyOct 10, 200610/10/2006Saint Seiya: The Hadesfighting / hack & slashSep 29, 200609/29/2006Dragon Ball Z: Shin BudokaifightingMar 7, 200603/07/2006Sonic Rushaction / platformerNov 15, 200511/15/2005Saint Seiya: The Sanctuaryfighting / hack & slashApr 7, 200504/07/2005Dragon Ball: Advanced AdventureplatformerNov 18, 200411/18/2004Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3fightingNov 16, 200411/16/2004Sonic Advance 3platformerJun 7, 200406/07/2004Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2fightingNov 14, 200311/14/2003Naruto: Shinobi no Sato no Jintori KassenboardJun 26, 200306/26/2003Sonic Advance 2platformerDec 19, 200212/19/2002Dragon Ball Z: Budokai+1 plt.fightingNov 2, 200211/02/2002Sonic Advance+3 plt.platformerJun 20, 200106/20/2001

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