List of WayForward Technologies games

Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution+1 plt.platformer202412/30/2024Contra: Operation Galuga+3 plt.shoot 'em upMar 12, 202403/12/2024River City Girls 2+3 plt.beat 'em upDec 15, 202212/15/2022RWBY: Arrowfell+3 plt.actionNov 15, 202211/15/2022Bakugan: Champions of VestroiaRPGNov 3, 202011/03/2020Shantae and the Seven Sirens+3 plt.platformerSep 19, 201909/19/2019Spidersaurs+4 plt.platformerSep 19, 201909/19/2019River City Girls+1 plt.beat 'em upSep 5, 201909/05/2019The Mummy Demastered+1 plt.indie / platformerOct 24, 201710/24/2017Shantae: Half-Genie Hero+3 plt.platformerDec 20, 201612/20/2016Mighty Switch Force! Academyplatformer / puzzle, logicNov 23, 201511/23/2015Goosebumps The Game+4 plt.adventure / horrorOct 13, 201510/13/2015Mighty Switch Force! Hose It Down!puzzle, logicFeb 12, 201502/12/2015Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom+2 plt.actionNov 18, 201411/18/2014Shantae and the Pirate's Curse+1 plt.platformerOct 23, 201410/23/2014Scooby Doo! & Looney Tunes Cartoon Universe: AdventureactionJul 16, 201407/16/2014Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know!+2 plt.actionNov 15, 201311/15/2013DuckTales Remastered+3 plt.platformerAug 13, 201308/13/2013The Smurfs 2+2 plt.platformerJul 19, 201307/19/2013Mighty Switch Force! 2platformer / puzzle, logicJun 13, 201306/13/2013Adventure Time: Hey Ice King Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!!actionNov 20, 201211/20/2012Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Editionplatformer / puzzle, logicNov 18, 201211/18/2012Silent Hill: Book of Memoriesadventure / horrorOct 16, 201210/16/2012Double Dragon: Neon+2 plt.beat 'em upSep 11, 201209/11/2012Mighty Switch Force!platformer / puzzle, logicDec 22, 201112/22/2011Happy Feet Two: The Videogame+2 plt.adventure / arcade / for kids / musicalNov 8, 201111/08/2011Centipede: Infestationshoot 'em upOct 25, 201110/25/2011Aliens: InfestationplatformerSep 30, 201109/30/2011BloodRayne: Betrayal+3 plt.beat 'em upSep 6, 201109/06/2011Mighty Milky Waypuzzle, logicMay 9, 201105/09/2011Thor: God of Thunder+2 plt.action / platformerApr 29, 201104/29/2011SpongeBob SquigglePantsfor kids / mini-gameApr 12, 201104/12/2011Shantae: Risky's Revenge+3 plt.platformerOct 4, 201010/04/2010Batman: The Brave and the Bold the VideogameplatformerSep 7, 201009/07/2010A Boy and His Blob+3 plt.platformerOct 13, 200910/13/2009Mighty Flip Champs!+1 plt.platformer / puzzle, logicJun 1, 200906/01/2009Space Chimps+2 plt.arcadeJul 15, 200807/15/2008Contra 4shoot 'em upNov 13, 200711/13/2007Shrek: Ogres & Dronkeysadventure / for kids / life-sim / mini-gameNov 5, 200711/05/2007Looney Tunes: Duck Amuckarcade / mini-gameOct 9, 200710/09/2007

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