List of 3DO games

Army Men: Sarge's War+1 plt.3rd person shooterJul 23, 200407/23/2004Heroes of Might and Magic IV: Winds of WarRPG / TBSFeb 25, 200302/25/2003Heroes of Might and Magic IV: The Gathering StormRPG / TBSOct 8, 200210/08/2002Shiftersaction / RPGApr 26, 200204/26/2002Heroes of Might and Magic IVRPG / TBSMar 29, 200203/29/2002Might and Magic IXRPGMar 28, 200203/28/2002Army Men RTSRTSMar 24, 200203/24/2002Army Men: World War - Final Front3rd person shooter200112/30/2001Army Men: World War - Team Assault3rd person shooter200112/30/2001Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiativecosmo-sim / MMO (other)Sep 25, 200109/25/2001Portal Runnerpuzzle, logicSep 1, 200109/01/2001Heroes Chronicles: The Final ChaptersRPG / TBSJun 200106/30/2001Legends of Might and MagicFPSJun 20, 200106/20/2001Heroes of Might and Magic: Quest for the DragonBone StaffRPG / TBSApr 17, 200104/17/2001Army Men: Green Rogue3rd person shooterMar 20, 200103/20/2001Heroes Chronicles: The Fiery MoonRPG / TBS200012/31/2000Heroes Chronicles: The World TreeRPG / TBS200012/31/2000Army Men: World War - Land Sea Airaction200012/30/2000Warriors of Might and Magicaction / RPGDec 5, 200012/05/2000Heroes Chronicles: Clash of the DragonsRPG / TBSNov 15, 200011/15/2000Heroes Chronicles: Masters of the ElementsRPG / TBSNov 15, 200011/15/2000Heroes Chronicles: Conquest of the UnderworldRPG / TBSSep 28, 200009/28/2000Heroes Chronicles: Warlords of the WastelandsRPG / TBSSep 28, 200009/28/2000Army Men: Air Attack 2shoot 'em upSep 26, 200009/26/2000Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2+1 plt.3rd person shooterSep 26, 200009/26/2000Heroes of Might and MagicRPG / TBSJun 20, 200006/20/2000Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of DeathRPG / TBSMar 21, 200003/21/2000Army Men: Air Tacticsshoot 'em upMar 7, 200003/07/2000Army Men: World WarRTS / tacticsFeb 29, 200002/29/2000Might and Magic VIII: Day of the DestroyerRPGFeb 29, 200002/29/2000ArcomagecardDec 199912/30/1999Crusaders of Might and Magicaction / RPGDec 20, 199912/20/1999Army Men: Air Attack+1 plt.shoot 'em upNov 2, 199911/02/1999Army Men: Toys in SpaceRTSOct 13, 199910/13/1999Army Men: Sarge's Heroes+1 plt.3rd person shooterSep 30, 199909/30/1999Heroes of Might and Magic III: Armageddon's BladeRPG / TBSSep 30, 199909/30/1999Requiem: Avenging AngelFPSJun 25, 199906/25/1999Might and Magic VII: For Blood and HonorRPGJun 8, 199906/08/1999Army Men 3D3rd person shooterMar 199903/30/1999Army Men IIRTSMar 22, 199903/22/1999

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