List of Square Enix games

Babylon's Fallaction / RPGTBA12/31/2500Fear Effect Reinvented+1 plt.actionTBA12/31/2500Final Fantasy XVIjRPGTBA12/31/2500Final Fantasy VII: Every CrisisjRPG202212/30/2022Project TRIANGLE STRATEGYjRPG202212/30/2022Project AthiaactionJan 202201/30/2022Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldieraction202112/30/2021Just Cause: Mobileaction202112/30/2021Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker+1 plt.MMORPGAutumn 202111/30/2021Neo: The World Ends With YoujRPGSummer 202108/30/2021Legend of ManajRPGJun 24, 202106/24/2021SaGa Frontier Remastered+2 plt.jRPGApr 15, 202104/15/2021Outriders+3 plt.FPSApr 1, 202104/01/2021Balan Wonderworld+3 plt.action / platformerMar 26, 202103/26/2021Bravely Default IIjRPGFeb 26, 202102/26/2021Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory+1 plt.musicalNov 13, 202011/13/2020Marvel Avengers+3 plt.actionSep 1, 202009/01/2020Dragon Quest TactjRPG / tacticsJul 16, 202007/16/2020Trials of ManajRPGApr 24, 202004/24/2020Final Fantasy VII RemakejRPGApr 10, 202004/10/2020ONINAKIjRPGAug 22, 201908/22/2019Battalion 1944FPS / online-shooterMay 23, 201905/23/2019Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY!action / RPGMar 20, 201903/20/2019Left AliveactionMar 5, 201903/05/2019Kingdom Hearts IIIjRPGJan 25, 201901/25/2019Dragon Quest Builders 2jRPGDec 20, 201812/20/2018Just Cause 4actionDec 4, 201812/04/2018Million Arthur: Arcana BloodfightingNov 29, 201811/29/2018The Quiet ManactionNov 1, 201811/01/2018Life is Strange 2adventureSep 26, 201809/26/2018Shadow of the Tomb Raider+1 plt.actionSep 14, 201809/14/2018Octopath TravelerjRPGJul 13, 201807/13/2018The Awesome Adventures of Captain SpiritadventureJun 25, 201806/25/2018Forgotton Anne+2 plt.platformer / puzzle, logicMay 15, 201805/15/2018Final Fantasy Explorers-ForcejRPGMar 15, 201803/15/2018Fear Effect Sedna+1 plt.tacticsMar 6, 201803/06/2018Secret of ManajRPGFeb 15, 201802/15/2018Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition+2 plt.jRPGFeb 8, 201802/08/2018Timothy vs the AliensactionJan 31, 201801/31/2018Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera OmniajRPGJan 8, 201801/08/2018

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Here you can see a list of video games, developed or published by Square Enix. It may not contain some titles, but we constantly updating our database to make it as complete as possible. If you have any information about other games, developed or published by Square Enix, feel free to contact us.