List of Paradox Interactive games

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2+2 plt.action / RPGAutumn 202411/30/2024Prison Architect 2managementMay 7, 202405/07/2024MillenniaTBSMar 26, 202403/26/2024Vampire: The Masquerade - JusticeRPGNov 2, 202311/02/2023Cities: Skylines IIcity-simOct 24, 202310/24/2023Star Trek: InfiniteRTS / TBSOct 12, 202310/12/2023The Lamplighters Leaguetactics / TBSOct 3, 202310/03/2023EARLY ACCESSLife by Youlife-simEarly access: Sep 12, 202309/12/2023Crusader Kings III: Tours & TournamentsRTSMay 11, 202305/11/2023Age of Wonders 4TBSMay 2, 202305/02/2023Surviving the Aftermath - RebirthRTS / simulatorMar 16, 202303/16/2023Surviving the Aftermath - Shattered HopeRTS / simulatorNov 3, 202211/03/2022Victoria 3RTSOct 25, 202210/25/2022Hearts of Iron IV: By Blood AloneRTSSep 27, 202209/27/2022Crusader Kings III: Fate of IberiaRTSMay 31, 202205/31/2022Crusader Kings III: Royal Court+1 plt.RTSFeb 8, 202202/08/2022Hearts of Iron IV: No Step BackRTSNov 23, 202111/23/2021Surviving the Aftermath+3 plt.RTS / simulatorNov 16, 202111/16/2021Europa Universalis IV: LeviathanRTSApr 27, 202104/27/2021Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords+1 plt.RTSMar 16, 202103/16/2021Empire of Sin+2 plt.RPG / tacticsDec 1, 202012/01/2020Hearts of Iron IV: Battle for the BosporusRTSOct 15, 202010/15/2020Crusader Kings III+1 plt.RTSSep 1, 202009/01/2020Stellaris: Galaxy CommandRTSJun 29, 202006/29/2020Europa Universalis IV: EmperorRTSJun 9, 202006/09/2020Hearts of Iron IV: La ResistanceRTSFeb 25, 202002/25/2020Age of Wonders: PlanetfallTBSAug 6, 201908/06/2019Imperator: RomeRTSApr 25, 201904/25/2019Hearts of Iron IV: Man the GunsRTSFeb 28, 201902/28/2019Crusader Kings II: Holy FuryRTSNov 13, 201811/13/2018Europa Universalis IV: DharmaRTSSep 6, 201809/06/2018BATTLETECHTBSApr 24, 201804/24/2018Europa Universalis IV: Rule BritanniaRTSMar 20, 201803/20/2018Surviving Mars+1 plt.RTS / simulatorMar 15, 201803/15/2018Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the TigerRTSMar 8, 201803/08/2018Crusader Kings II: Jade DragonRTSNov 16, 201711/16/2017Europa Universalis IV: Cradle of CivilizationRTSNov 16, 201711/16/2017Europa Universalis IV: Third RomeRTSJun 14, 201706/14/2017Hearts of Iron IV: Death or DishonorRTSJun 14, 201706/14/2017Prison Architect: MobilemanagementMay 25, 201705/25/2017

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