List of Team Ninja games

Rise of the Roninaction / RPGMar 22, 202403/22/2024Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty+2 plt.action / hack & slashMar 3, 202303/03/2023Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin+2 plt.actionMar 18, 202203/18/2022Nioh 2action / hack & slashMar 13, 202003/13/2020Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Orderaction / RPGJul 19, 201907/19/2019Dead or Alive 6fightingMar 1, 201903/01/2019Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera OmniajRPGJan 8, 201801/08/2018Fire Emblem Warriorsbeat 'em up / jRPGSep 28, 201709/28/2017Niohaction / hack & slashFeb 7, 201702/07/2017Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortuneadult / sportMar 24, 201603/24/2016Dissidia Final Fantasy NTfightingNov 26, 201511/26/2015Dead or Alive 5: Last Round+2 plt.fightingFeb 17, 201502/17/2015Toukiden Kiwami+1 plt.actionAug 28, 201408/28/2014Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden ZactionMar 18, 201403/18/2014Dead or Alive 5 UltimatefightingSep 3, 201309/03/2013Toukiden: The Age of DemonsactionJun 27, 201306/27/2013Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 PlusactionFeb 26, 201302/26/2013Dead or Alive 5fightingSep 25, 201209/25/2012Ninja Gaiden IIIactionMar 20, 201203/20/2012Ninja Gaiden Sigma PlusactionFeb 22, 201202/22/2012Dead or Alive: DimensionsfightingMay 19, 201105/19/2011Metroid: Other MactionAug 31, 201008/31/2010Dead or Alive Paradiseadult / sportMar 30, 201003/30/2010Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2actionSep 29, 200909/29/2009Ninja Gaiden IIactionJun 3, 200806/03/2008Ninja Gaiden: Dragon SwordactionMar 20, 200803/20/2008Ninja Gaiden SigmaactionJun 14, 200706/14/2007Dead or Alive Xtreme 2adult / sportNov 13, 200611/13/2006Dead or Alive 4fightingDec 29, 200512/29/2005Ninja Gaiden BlackactionSep 20, 200509/20/2005Dead or Alive UltimatefightingOct 27, 200410/27/2004Ninja GaidenactionMar 2, 200403/02/2004Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyballadult / sportJan 22, 200301/22/2003Dead or Alive 3fightingNov 15, 200111/15/2001Dead or Alive 2: HardcorefightingOct 25, 200010/25/2000Dead or Alive 2fightingOct 16, 199910/16/1999Dead or Alive+2 plt.fighting199612/30/1996

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