List of Stardock Entertainment games

Sins of a Solar Empire IIRTSOct 27, 202210/27/2022Galactic Civilizations IVTBSApr 26, 202204/26/2022Siege of Centauriindie / tower defenseSep 12, 201909/12/2019Star Control: Originsaction / RPGSep 20, 201809/20/2018Ashes of the Singularity: EscalationRTSNov 3, 201611/03/2016Sorcerer King: RivalsTBSSep 22, 201609/22/2016Offworld Trading CompanyRTSApr 28, 201604/28/2016Ashes of the SingularityRTSMar 31, 201603/31/2016Sorcerer KingTBSJul 16, 201507/16/2015Galactic Civilizations IIITBSMay 14, 201505/14/2015Dead Man's DrawcardOct 1, 201310/01/2013Fallen Enchantress: Legendary HeroesTBSMay 22, 201305/22/2013Elemental: Fallen EnchantressTBSOct 23, 201210/23/2012Sins of a Solar Empire: RebellionRTSJun 12, 201206/12/2012Elemental: War of MagicTBSAug 24, 201008/24/2010Sins of a Solar Empire: DiplomacyRTSFeb 9, 201002/09/2010Sins of a Solar Empire: TrinityRTSFeb 9, 201002/09/2010DemigodMOBAApr 14, 200904/14/2009Sins of a Solar Empire: EntrenchmentRTSFeb 25, 200902/25/2009Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight of the ArnorTBSApr 30, 200804/30/2008Sins of a Solar EmpireRTSFeb 4, 200802/04/2008Galactic Civilizations II: Dark AvatarTBSFeb 8, 200702/08/2007Mr. Robotpuzzle, logic / RPGJan 10, 200701/10/2007BreakQuestarcadeNov 15, 200411/15/2004Galactic Civilizations: Altarian ProphecyTBSNov 9, 200411/09/2004Galactic CivilizationsTBSMar 26, 200303/26/2003The Corporate Machinemanagement / RTS / simulatorJul 14, 200107/14/2001Business Tycoonmanagement / RTS / simulatorApr 5, 200004/05/2000Entrepreneurmanagement / RTS / simulator199712/31/1997SUSPENDEDServoRTSsuspended01/01/1900

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