List of games

Combat Mission Cold Wartactics / TBSNov 16, 202111/16/2021Combat Mission Shock Force 2tactics / TBSDec 7, 201812/07/2018Combat Mission: Battle for NormandyRTS / TBSMay 20, 201105/20/2011Strategic Command World War I: The Great War 1914-1918TBSMar 1, 201103/01/2011Искусство войны: КореяRTSNov 26, 201011/26/2010Combat Mission: Shock Force - NATOTBSOct 21, 201010/21/2010Линия фронта. Афганистан'82RTS / tactics / TBSSep 10, 201009/10/2010Strategic Command: WWII Global ConflictTBSMar 5, 201003/05/2010HistWar: Les GrognardsRTSJan 31, 201001/31/2010Морской охотник: Южный гамбитsimulatorJan 13, 201001/13/2010Theatre of War 2: Kursk 1943RTSSep 30, 200909/30/2009Theatre of War 2: CentauroRTSAug 28, 200908/28/2009Combat Mission: Shock Force - British ForcesTBSJul 29, 200907/29/2009Theatre of War 2: Africa 1943RTSApr 24, 200904/24/2009Морской охотникsimulatorJan 30, 200901/30/2009Strategic Command: WWII Pacific TheaterTBSDec 8, 200812/08/2008Combat Mission: Shock Force - MarinesTBSSep 26, 200809/26/2008Strategic Command 2: Patton Drives EastTBSMay 8, 200805/08/2008Strategic Command 2: Weapons and WarfareTBSOct 24, 200710/24/2007Combat Mission: Shock ForceTBSJul 27, 200707/27/2007Strategic Command 2: BlitzkriegTBSApr 28, 200604/28/2006Т-72: Балканы в огнеsimulatorSep 13, 200409/13/2004Combat Mission: Afrika KorpsTBSDec 3, 200312/03/2003Combat Mission: Barbarossa to BerlinTBSSep 20, 200209/20/2002Strategic Command: European TheaterTBSJul 16, 200207/16/2002Combat Mission: Beyond OverlordTBSJun 14, 200006/14/2000

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