List of HexWar Games games

Hold the Line: The American Revolution+1 plt.TBSAug 18, 201708/18/2017Ancient Battle: RomeTBSAug 15, 201708/15/20171812: The Invasion of Canada+1 plt.TBSAug 4, 201708/04/2017The Horus Heresy: Battle of TallarnTBSFeb 8, 201702/08/2017Command & Colors: The Great Warboard / indie / TBSJan 19, 201701/19/20171775: Rebellioncard / TBSSep 29, 201609/29/2016Civil War: 1865TBSSep 21, 201609/21/2016Civil War: Bloody AprilTBSMay 5, 201605/05/2016Civil War: 1861TBSMar 24, 201603/24/2016Tank Battle: 1945TBSMar 9, 201603/09/2016Fire and Fury: English Civil WarTBSFeb 11, 201602/11/2016Civil War: Wilson's CreekTBSJan 21, 201601/21/2016Tank Battle: Pacific+1 plt.TBSDec 25, 201512/25/2015Tank Battle: East Front+1 plt.TBSDec 3, 201512/03/2015Civil War: Pea RidgeTBSNov 18, 201511/18/2015Nuts!: The Battle of the Bulge+1 plt.cardNov 1, 201511/01/2015Civil War: Drive on WashingtonTBSOct 13, 201510/13/2015Civil War: StonewallTBSSep 10, 201509/10/2015Peninsular War Battles+1 plt.TBSAug 6, 201508/06/2015Civil War: GettysburgTBSJul 30, 201507/30/2015Tank Battle: BlitzkriegTBSJul 16, 201507/16/2015Wars of the RosesTBSJul 2, 201507/02/2015Civil War: 1864TBSJun 5, 201506/05/2015Civil War: Bull Run 1861TBSApr 15, 201504/15/2015Tank Battle: Normandy+1 plt.TBSApr 4, 201504/04/2015Civil War: 1863TBSMar 19, 201503/19/2015Civil War: 1862TBSMar 17, 201503/17/2015Russian Front+1 plt.TBSOct 4, 201410/04/2014Ancient Battle: AlexanderTBSApr 11, 201404/11/2014Tank Battle: North AfricaTBSJan 17, 201301/17/2013Tank Battle: 1944TBSMar 6, 201203/06/2012

Here you can see a list of video games, developed or published by HexWar Games. It may not contain some titles, but we constantly updating our database to make it as complete as possible. If you have any information about other games, developed or published by HexWar Games, feel free to contact us.