List of SNK Playmore games

The King of Fighters XV+2 plt.fightingFeb 17, 202202/17/2022Samurai Shodown+3 plt.fightingJun 24, 201906/24/2019The King of Fighters 97 Global MatchfightingApr 3, 201804/03/2018The King of Fighters XIVfightingAug 23, 201608/23/2016Metal Slug Defenseaction / tower defenseApr 30, 201404/30/2014The King of Fighters XIII+3 plt.fightingJul 14, 201007/14/2010The King of Fighters: Sky Stageshoot 'em upJan 22, 201001/22/2010Metal Slug XX+1 plt.shoot 'em upDec 23, 200912/23/2009The King of Fighters XIIfightingApr 10, 200904/10/2009The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited MatchfightingFeb 26, 200902/26/2009Metal Slug 7shoot 'em upJul 22, 200807/22/2008The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match+1 plt.fightingJun 26, 200806/26/2008Samurai Shodown: SenfightingApr 17, 200804/17/2008The King of Fighters 2006fightingApr 28, 200604/28/2006Metal Slug 6+1 plt.shoot 'em upFeb 24, 200602/24/2006Samurai Shodown VIfightingJan 26, 200601/26/2006The King of Fighters XIfightingOct 26, 200510/26/2005The King of Fighters NeowavefightingJul 21, 200507/21/2005KOF: Maximum ImpactfightingAug 12, 200408/12/2004Samurai Shodown V Special+5 plt.fightingApr 22, 200404/22/2004Metal Slug 5+1 plt.shoot 'em upNov 14, 200311/14/2003Samurai Shodown V+1 plt.fightingOct 10, 200310/10/2003SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos+1 plt.fightingJul 24, 200307/24/2003The King of Fighters 2003+1 plt.fightingMar 11, 200303/11/2003The King of Fighters 2002+2 plt.fightingDec 18, 200212/18/2002Metal Slug 4+1 plt.shoot 'em upJun 12, 200206/12/2002The King of Fighters 2001+1 plt.fightingMar 13, 200103/13/2001The King of Fighters 2000+3 plt.fightingJul 26, 200007/26/2000Metal Slug 3+10 plt.shoot 'em upMar 23, 200003/23/2000Samurai Shodown: Warrior's Rage+1 plt.fightingDec 22, 199912/22/1999Koudelkahorror / jRPGDec 16, 199912/16/1999Garou: Mark of the Wolves+10 plt.browser (other) / fightingNov 26, 199911/26/1999The King of Fighters '99: Millennium Battle+7 plt.fightingJul 22, 199907/22/1999Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition+2 plt.fightingJan 199901/30/1999Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad+2 plt.shoot 'em upNov 6, 199811/06/1998The King of Fighters KyoRPGAug 27, 199808/27/1998The King of Fighters '98: The Slugfest+4 plt.fightingJul 23, 199807/23/1998Real Bout Garo Densetsu Special: Dominated MindfightingJun 25, 199806/25/1998Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers+5 plt.browser (other) / fightingApr 29, 199804/29/1998Metal Slug 2+7 plt.shoot 'em upFeb 23, 199802/23/1998

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