List of Mindscape games

Gastadventure / questTBA12/31/2500Master of The World: Geo-Political Simulator 3simulatorMar 8, 201303/08/2013Lucha Furybeat 'em upJun 29, 201106/29/2011Crasheraction / MMO (other)Feb 3, 201102/03/2011Dance ParadisemusicalNov 19, 201011/19/2010Rulers of Nations: Geo-Political Simulator 2simulatorSep 30, 201009/30/2010U-Sing: Girls NightmusicalJun 18, 201006/18/2010U-SingmusicalSep 30, 200909/30/2009Geopolitical SimulatorsimulatorMar 16, 200703/16/2007Crazy Chicken: Pirates+3 plt.arcade / FPSOct 6, 200610/06/2006Law & Order: Criminal IntentadventureOct 18, 200510/18/2005Robin Hood: The Legend of SherwoodRTSNov 15, 200211/15/2002O.R.B.: Off-World Resource BaseRTSNov 8, 200211/08/2002Disciples II: Dark ProphecyRPG / TBSJan 24, 200201/24/2002Close Combat: The Battle of the BulgeRTS / tactics199912/30/1999Warhammer: Dark OmenRTSMar 31, 199803/31/1998ПротивостояниеRTS199712/30/1997LEGO Islandaction / for kids / racingOct 2, 199710/02/1997MegaRace 2arcade / racing199612/30/1996Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned RatRTS199601/01/1996Aliens: A Comic Book Adventureadventure199512/31/1995Allied GeneralTBS199512/30/1995World of Aden: ThunderscapeRPG / RTS199512/30/1995World of Aden: Entomorph - Plague of the DarkfallRPGSep 10, 199509/10/1995Dark Sun 2: Wake of the RavagerRPG199412/31/1994Mario's Early Years: Preschool Funeducational / for kids199412/30/1994Pac-in-Time+1 plt.platformer199412/30/1994Mario's Early Years: Fun with Numberseducational / for kidsSep 199409/30/1994Mario's Time MachineeducationalJun 199406/30/1994Mario's Early Years: Fun With Letterseducational / for kids199312/30/1993Mario's Time Machineadventure / educational199312/30/1993MegaRacearcade / racing199312/30/1993Star Wars Chessboard / puzzle, logic199312/30/1993Mario is Missing!+1 plt.educational / for kids199212/30/1992Battletoads+3 plt.beat 'em upJan 199101/30/1991Days of Thunder+4 plt.racing199012/30/1990Star Trek V: The Final Frontieradventure198901/01/1989Deja Vu II: Lost in Las Vegas+3 plt.questDec 198812/30/1988Indiana Jones in Revenge of the Ancientsadventure198712/30/1987Shadowgate+4 plt.adventure / quest198712/30/1987

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