List of id Software games

Quake Championsonline-shooterAug 18, 202208/18/2022Quake+3 plt.FPSAug 19, 202108/19/2021DOOM Eternal+4 plt.FPSMar 20, 202003/20/2020RAGE 2+1 plt.FPSMay 14, 201905/14/2019DOOM VFRFPSDec 1, 201712/01/2017Doom+2 plt.FPSMay 13, 201605/13/2016Doom 3 BFG EditionFPSOct 16, 201210/16/2012RAGEFPSOct 4, 201110/04/2011Quake Livebrowser (other) / FPSAug 6, 201008/06/2010DOOM ResurrectionFPSJun 30, 200906/30/2009Wolfenstein RPGRPG200812/30/2008Enemy Territory: Quake WarsFPSSep 28, 200709/28/2007Quake IVFPSOct 18, 200510/18/2005DOOM RPGRPGOct 6, 200510/06/2005Doom 3: Resurrection of Evilaction / FPS / horrorApr 3, 200504/03/2005Doom 3+2 plt.action / FPS / horrorAug 3, 200408/03/2004Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy TerritoryFPSMay 28, 200305/28/2003Return to Castle WolfensteinFPSNov 20, 200111/20/2001Quake III: Team ArenaFPSDec 15, 200012/15/2000Quake: III Arena+1 plt.FPSDec 2, 199912/02/1999Quake II: Ground ZeroFPSSep 11, 199809/11/1998Quake IIFPSNov 30, 199711/30/1997Hexen IIFPSAug 31, 199708/31/1997Quake: Dissolution of EternityFPSMar 31, 199703/31/1997Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark CitadelFPSSep 3, 199609/03/1996QuakeFPSJun 22, 199606/22/1996Final DoomFPSMay 31, 199605/31/1996The Ultimate Doom+4 plt.FPS199512/30/1995Hexen: Beyond Heretic+2 plt.FPSOct 30, 199510/30/1995HereticFPSDec 23, 199412/23/1994Doom II: Hell on Earth+5 plt.FPSSep 30, 199409/30/1994Wolfenstein 3DFPSFeb 10, 199402/10/1994Doom+10 plt.FPSDec 10, 199312/10/1993Wolfenstein 3D: Spear of DestinyFPSSep 18, 199209/18/1992Wolfenstein 3D+6 plt.FPSMay 5, 199205/05/1992Commander Keen: Aliens Ate My Babysitter!platformerDec 199112/30/1991Commander Keen: Keen Dreams+1 plt.platformer199112/30/1991Commander Keen: Goodbye, Galaxy!platformerDec 15, 199112/15/1991Commander Keen: Invasion of the VorticonsplatformerDec 14, 199012/14/1990

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