List of Namco games

Tekken HybridfightingNov 22, 201111/22/2011Ridge Racer 3DracingFeb 26, 201102/26/2011Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3jRPGFeb 10, 201102/10/2011Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2jRPGJan 29, 200901/29/2009Ace Combat X: Skies of Deceptionflight-simOct 17, 200610/17/2006Mage Knight: Apocalypsehack & slash / RPGSep 26, 200609/26/2006Ridge Racer 2racingSep 14, 200609/14/2006Xenosaga I+IIjRPGAug 30, 200608/30/2006MotoGP (PSP)racingAug 24, 200608/24/2006Tales of Eternia: OnlineMMORPGMar 3, 200603/03/2006Me & My Katamariaction / adventureDec 22, 200512/22/2005Tales of the AbyssjRPGDec 15, 200512/15/2005Ridge Racer 6racingNov 22, 200511/22/2005Pac-Man World 3+3 plt.platformerNov 15, 200511/15/2005Soul Calibur IIIfightingOct 25, 200510/25/2005Mario Kart Arcade GParcade / racingOct 10, 200510/10/2005Dragon Ball Z: Budokai TenkaichifightingOct 6, 200510/06/2005Sniper Elite+1 plt.3rd person shooter / FPS / tacticsSep 30, 200509/30/2005Tales of LegendiajRPGAug 25, 200508/25/2005Pac 'n RollarcadeJul 28, 200507/28/2005Mario Superstar BaseballsportJul 27, 200507/27/2005We Love Katamariaction / puzzle, logicJul 7, 200507/07/2005Dead to Rights: ReckoningactionJun 28, 200506/28/2005MotoGP 4racingMay 27, 200505/27/2005Dead to Rights II: Hell to PayactionApr 12, 200504/12/2005Pac-Pixpuzzle, logicMar 10, 200503/10/2005Death by Degreesaction / adventureJan 27, 200501/27/2005Tales of RebirthjRPGDec 16, 200412/16/2004Ridge RacerracingDec 12, 200412/12/2004Ridge Racer DSracingDec 7, 200412/07/2004Mr. Driller: Drill Spiritsarcade / puzzle, logicNov 30, 200411/30/2004Arc the Lad: End of DarknessjRPGNov 3, 200411/03/2004Ace Combat: Squadron Leaderflight-simOct 21, 200410/21/2004SRS: Street Racing Syndicate+1 plt.racingAug 31, 200408/31/2004Xenosaga: Episode II - Jenseits von Gut und BosejRPGJun 26, 200406/26/2004Katamari Damacy+2 plt.action / puzzle, logicMar 18, 200403/18/2004I-Ninja+1 plt.actionNov 18, 200311/18/2003kill.switch+1 plt.3rd person shooterOct 28, 200310/28/2003Tales of SymphoniajRPGAug 29, 200308/29/2003MotoGP 3racingFeb 27, 200302/27/2003

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