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List of Virgin Interactive games

Resident Evil Zeroaction / adventure / horrorNov 12, 200211/12/2002Nightstoneaction / RPGApr 5, 200204/05/2002Venom. Codename: OutbreakFPSOct 8, 200110/08/2001Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of SteelRPG / RTSMar 15, 200103/15/2001Resident Evil 3: Nemesis+2 plt.action / adventure / horrorSep 22, 199909/22/1999Dino Crisis+3 plt.actionJul 1, 199907/01/1999Bloody Roar II: The New Breed+1 plt.fightingJan 28, 199901/28/1999Bomberman Party EditionarcadeDec 10, 199812/10/1998Magic and MayhemRPG / RTSNov 199811/30/1998Bomberman Fantasy RaceracingAug 6, 199808/06/1998Kagero: Deception II+1 plt.RTSJul 23, 199807/23/1998Guilty Gear+1 plt.fightingMay 14, 199805/14/1998Resident Evil 2+3 plt.action / adventure / horrorJan 21, 199801/21/1998Ignitionracing199712/30/1997Command & Conquer: Sole SurvivoractionDec 18, 199712/18/1997Blade RunneradventureNov 21, 199711/21/1997Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirroradventure / questOct 31, 199710/31/1997Command & Conquer: Red Alert: The AftermathRTSSep 30, 199709/30/1997Lands of Lore: Guardians of DestinyRPGSep 27, 199709/27/1997Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix+3 plt.fightingSep 4, 199709/04/1997Street Fighter EX Plus AlphafightingJul 17, 199707/17/1997Herc's Adventuresaction / adventureJul 14, 199707/14/1997Command & Conquer Red Alert: CounterstrikeRTSMar 10, 199703/10/1997Nemesis: The Wizardry Adventurequest / RPG199612/30/1996Terra Nova: Strike Force CentauriFPS / simulator199612/30/1996Command & Conquer: Red AlertRTSOct 31, 199610/31/1996Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars+2 plt.adventure / questSep 30, 199609/30/1996Z+3 plt.RTSSep 2, 199609/02/1996Time Commando+1 plt.actionJul 31, 199607/31/1996Resident Evil+2 plt.action / horrorMar 22, 199603/22/1996Cyberia 2: Resurrectionaction / adventure199512/30/1995Lost Eden+1 plt.adventure199512/30/1995The 11th Hourhorror / puzzle, logic199512/30/1995Command & Conquer+1 plt.RTSAug 31, 199508/31/1995Cannon Fodder 2arcade / shoot 'em up199412/30/1994The Legend of Kyrandia: Malcolm's Revengeadventure199412/30/1994Earthworm Jim+6 plt.arcade / platformerAug 2, 199408/02/1994Beneath a Steel Sky+1 plt.questMar 199403/30/1994Cannon Fodder+8 plt.arcade / shoot 'em up199312/30/1993Lands of Lore: The Throne of ChaosRPG199312/30/1993

Here you can see a list of video games, developed or published by Virgin Interactive. It may not contain some titles, but we constantly updating our database to make it as complete as possible. If you have any information about other games, developed or published by Virgin Interactive, feel free to contact us.