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List of Focus Home Interactive games

Necromunda: Underhive WarsRPG / tactics / TBSTBA12/31/2500Werewolf: The ApocalypseRPGTBA12/31/2500A Plague Tale: Innocenceaction201912/30/2019GreedFallRPG201912/30/2019The Surge 2RPG201912/30/2019Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2RTS201812/30/2018Call of Cthulhuhorror / RPG201812/30/2018Fear the WolvesFPS / survival201812/30/2018Space Hulk: TacticsRPG / tactics201812/30/2018Farming Simulator 19simulatorAutumn 201811/30/2018Insurgency: Sandstormonline-shooterSep 201809/30/2018VampyrRPGJun 5, 201806/05/2018Masters of Anima+1 plt.adventureApr 10, 201804/10/2018The CounciladventureMar 13, 201803/13/2018Farming SimulatorsimulatorNov 7, 201711/07/2017Farming Simulator 18+1 plt.simulatorJun 6, 201706/06/2017The SurgeRPGMay 16, 201705/16/2017Shiness: The Lightning KingdomRPGApr 18, 201704/18/2017Styx: Shards of DarknessstealthMar 14, 201703/14/2017Space Hulk: DeathwingFPSDec 14, 201612/14/2016Farming Simulator 17simulatorOct 25, 201610/25/2016Seasons after Falladventure / indie / platformer / puzzle, logicSep 2, 201609/02/2016The Technomanceraction / RPGJun 28, 201606/28/2016Space Run Galaxytower defenseJun 17, 201606/17/2016Battlefleet Gothic: ArmadaRTSApr 21, 201604/21/2016Mordheim: City of the Damnedtactics / TBSNov 19, 201511/19/2015Blood Bowl 2+1 plt.sport / tactics / TBSSep 22, 201509/22/2015Act of AggressionRTSSep 2, 201509/02/2015EtheriumRTSMar 25, 201503/25/2015Cities XXLcity-simFeb 5, 201502/05/2015Farming Simulator 15+2 plt.simulatorOct 30, 201410/30/2014Styx: Master of ShadowsstealthOct 7, 201410/07/2014Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments+2 plt.adventureSep 30, 201409/30/2014Divinity: Original Sin+1 plt.RPGJun 30, 201406/30/2014Blue EstateFPSJun 24, 201406/24/2014Space Runtower defenseJun 13, 201406/13/2014SPINTIRESracing / simulatorJun 13, 201406/13/2014Bound by Flame+1 plt.RPGMay 8, 201405/08/2014Wargame: Red DragonRTSApr 17, 201404/17/2014Farming Simulator 14+1 plt.simulatorNov 18, 201311/18/2013

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