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Gotham KnightsactionOct 21, 202210/21/2022Batman: The Enemy Within+4 plt.adventureAug 8, 201708/08/2017Batman: Return to ArkhamactionOct 18, 201610/18/2016Batman: Arkham VRadventureOct 13, 201610/13/2016Batman: The Telltale Series+4 plt.adventureAug 2, 201608/02/2016Batman: Arkham UnderworldactionJul 14, 201607/14/2016Batman v Superman: Who Will Winbrowser (other) / runnerFeb 29, 201602/29/2016Batman: Arkham Knight+1 plt.actionJun 23, 201506/23/2015LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham+8 plt.actionNov 11, 201411/11/2014Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate - Deluxe Edition+1 plt.actionApr 1, 201404/01/2014Batmanarcade / racingDec 201312/30/2013Batman: Arkham Origins+2 plt.actionOct 25, 201310/25/2013Batman: Arkham Origins BlackgateactionOct 25, 201310/25/2013The Dark Knight RisesactionJul 19, 201207/19/2012LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes+7 plt.actionJun 19, 201206/19/2012Gotham City ImpostorsFPSFeb 7, 201202/07/2012Batman: Arkham City+2 plt.actionOct 18, 201110/18/2011Batman: The Brave and the Bold the VideogameplatformerSep 7, 201009/07/2010Batman: Arkham Asylum+1 plt.actionAug 25, 200908/25/2009LEGO Batman: The Videogame+6 plt.actionSep 23, 200809/23/2008The Dark Knight: The Mobile GameplatformerJul 15, 200807/15/2008Batman BeginsplatformerJul 1, 200507/01/2005Batman Beginsbeat 'em upJun 15, 200506/15/2005Batman BeginsactionJun 14, 200506/14/2005Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu+1 plt.actionOct 16, 200310/16/2003Batman: Toxic Chilleducational / for kidsSep 22, 200309/22/2003Batman: Justice Unbalancededucational / for kidsSep 22, 200309/22/2003Batman: Dark Tomorrowaction / adventureMar 18, 200303/18/2003Batman Vengeance+2 plt.actionOct 17, 200110/17/2001Batman: Gotham City RacerracingApr 19, 200104/19/2001Batman: Chaos in GothamplatformerApr 17, 200104/17/2001Batman Beyond: Return of the JokeractionNov 20, 200011/20/2000Batman & Robinaction199712/30/1997Batman: Partners in Periladventure199612/30/1996Batman Forever: The Arcade Game+1 plt.actionDec 3, 199612/03/1996Batman Forever+1 plt.beat 'em upDec 3, 199612/03/1996The Adventures of Batman & Robinplatformer199512/30/1995Batman Forever+2 plt.action / platformerAug 199508/30/1995The Adventures of Batman & RobinplatformerMay 199505/30/1995The Adventures of Batman & Robinplatformer199412/30/1994Batman Returnsbeat 'em up / platformer199312/30/1993Batman: The Animated SeriesplatformerNov 199311/30/1993Batman Returnsbeat 'em upFeb 26, 199302/26/1993Batman Returnsbeat 'em upJan 199301/30/1993Batman Returnsbeat 'em up199212/30/1992Batman Returnsplatformer199212/30/1992Batman ReturnsadventureDec 15, 199212/15/1992Batman ReturnsplatformerOct 23, 199210/23/1992Batman: Return of the JokerplatformerMar 28, 199203/28/1992Batman: Return of the JokerplatformerDec 20, 199112/20/1991Batmanbeat 'em up199012/30/1990BatmanactionOct 12, 199010/12/1990Batman: The Video GameplatformerJul 27, 199007/27/1990Batman: The Video GameplatformerApr 13, 199004/13/1990Batman: The Movie+4 plt.action198912/30/1989Batman: The Video GameplatformerDec 22, 198912/22/1989Batman: The Caped Crusader+4 plt.action / adventure / arcade198812/31/1988BatmanactionMar 30, 198603/30/1986

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