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Final Fantasy VII RebirthjRPGFeb 29, 202402/29/2024Final Fantasy VII: Ever CrisisjRPGSep 7, 202309/07/2023Final Fantasy XVIjRPGJun 22, 202306/22/2023Theatrhythm Final Bar LinemusicalFeb 16, 202302/16/2023Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion+3 plt.action / jRPGDec 13, 202212/13/2022Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin+2 plt.actionMar 18, 202203/18/2022Chocobo GPracingMar 10, 202203/10/2022Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker+1 plt.MMORPGDec 7, 202112/07/2021Final Fantasy VII: The First SoldieractionNov 17, 202111/17/2021Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster+2 plt.jRPGJul 28, 202107/28/2021Final Fantasy VII RemakejRPGApr 10, 202004/10/2020Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY!action / RPGMar 20, 201903/20/2019Final Fantasy 15: A New EmpireMMORPGJun 28, 201806/28/2018Final Fantasy Explorers-ForcejRPGMar 15, 201803/15/2018Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition+2 plt.jRPGFeb 8, 201802/08/2018Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera OmniajRPGJan 8, 201801/08/2018Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XVsimulatorNov 21, 201711/21/2017Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age+1 plt.jRPGJul 11, 201707/11/2017Final Fantasy XIV: StormbloodMMORPGJun 20, 201706/20/2017Final Fantasy XV+1 plt.action / jRPGNov 29, 201611/29/2016A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XVbeat 'em upNov 29, 201611/29/2016World of Final Fantasy+2 plt.jRPGOct 25, 201610/25/2016Justice Monsters VarcadeAug 30, 201608/30/2016Adventures of ManajRPGFeb 4, 201602/04/2016Dissidia Final Fantasy NTfightingNov 26, 201511/26/2015Final Fantasy: Brave ExviusjRPGOct 22, 201510/22/2015Heavensward: Final Fantasy 14+1 plt.MMORPGJun 23, 201506/23/2015Mobius Final FantasyjRPGJun 4, 201506/04/2015Final Fantasy Dimensions IIjRPGFeb 12, 201502/12/2015Final Fantasy ExplorersjRPGDec 18, 201412/18/2014Final Fantasy Record KeeperRPGSep 24, 201409/24/2014Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain CallmusicalApr 24, 201404/24/2014Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD Remaster+3 plt.jRPGDec 26, 201312/26/2013Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13+1 plt.jRPGNov 21, 201311/21/2013Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn+1 plt.MMORPGAug 27, 201308/27/2013Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of AdoulinMMORPGMar 26, 201303/26/2013Final Fantasy: All The BravestjRPGJan 16, 201301/16/2013Final Fantasy DimensionsjRPGAug 31, 201208/31/2012Theatrhythm Final FantasymusicalFeb 16, 201202/16/2012Final Fantasy XIII-2+1 plt.jRPGDec 15, 201112/15/2011Final Fantasy Type 0+2 plt.jRPGOct 27, 201110/27/2011Dissidia 012 [duodecim]: Final Fantasyaction / fightingMar 3, 201103/03/2011Final Fantasy XIVMMORPGSep 30, 201009/30/2010Final Fantasy XIII+1 plt.jRPGDec 17, 200912/17/2009Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal BearersjRPGNov 12, 200911/12/2009Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of LightjRPGOct 29, 200910/29/2009Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a DarklordRTSJun 30, 200906/30/2009Crystal Defenders R2tower defenseFeb 24, 200902/24/2009Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of TimejRPGJan 29, 200901/29/2009Crystal Defenders R1tower defenseJan 27, 200901/27/2009Crystal Defenders+5 plt.tower defenseDec 22, 200812/22/2008Dissidia: Final Fantasyaction / fightingDec 18, 200812/18/2008Chocobo and the Magic Picture Book: The Witch, the Girl, and the Five HeroesadventureDec 11, 200812/11/2008Final Fantasy Fables: Cid and Chocobo's Dungeonaction / jRPGOct 30, 200810/30/2008Final Fantasy IV: The After Years+2 plt.jRPGMay 15, 200805/15/2008Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a KingadventureMar 25, 200803/25/2008Final Fantasy IV+1 plt.jRPGDec 20, 200712/20/2007Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeonaction / jRPGDec 13, 200712/13/2007Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the GoddessMMORPGNov 20, 200711/20/2007Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftjRPG / TBSOct 25, 200710/25/2007Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VIIaction / jRPGSep 13, 200709/13/2007Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of FatesjRPGAug 23, 200708/23/2007Final Fantasy XII International: Zodiac Job SystemjRPGAug 9, 200708/09/2007Final Fantasy II: Anniversary EditionjRPGJun 7, 200706/07/2007Final Fantasy XII: Revenant WingsjRPG / RTSApr 26, 200704/26/2007Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VIIjRPGApr 5, 200704/05/2007Final Fantasy III+4 plt.jRPGAug 24, 200608/24/2006Final Fantasy XI Online: Treasures of Aht UrhganMMORPGApr 18, 200604/18/2006Final Fantasy XIIjRPGMar 16, 200603/16/2006Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VIIactionJan 26, 200601/26/2006Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Talesadventure / cardDec 14, 200512/14/2005Final Fantasy XI Online: Chains of PromathiaMMORPGSep 17, 200409/17/2004Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles+2 plt.jRPGAug 8, 200308/08/2003Final Fantasy XI Online: Rise of the ZilartMMORPGApr 17, 200304/17/2003Final Fantasy X-2jRPGMar 13, 200303/13/2003Final Fantasy Tactics AdvancejRPG / tacticsFeb 14, 200302/14/2003Final Fantasy XI OnlineMMORPGMay 16, 200205/16/2002Final Fantasy XjRPGJul 19, 200107/19/2001Final Fantasy IX+7 plt.jRPGJul 7, 200007/07/2000Chocobo Stallion+1 plt.arcade / racingDec 22, 199912/22/1999Chocobo Racing+1 plt.racingMar 18, 199903/18/1999Final Fantasy VIII+5 plt.jRPGFeb 11, 199902/11/1999Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 2+1 plt.action / RPGDec 23, 199812/23/1998Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring+2 plt.fightingDec 17, 199812/17/1998Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon+2 plt.adventure / RPGDec 23, 199712/23/1997Final Fantasy Tactics+3 plt.RPG / tactics / TBSJun 20, 199706/20/1997Final Fantasy VII+7 plt.jRPGJan 31, 199701/31/1997Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy III International)+8 plt.jRPGApr 2, 199404/02/1994Final Fantasy V+8 plt.jRPGDec 13, 199212/13/1992Final Fantasy: Mystic QuestjRPGOct 5, 199210/05/1992Final Fantasy IV (Final Fantasy II International)+8 plt.jRPGJul 19, 199107/19/1991Final Fantasy III+1 plt.jRPGApr 27, 199004/27/1990Final Fantasy II+10 plt.jRPGDec 17, 198812/17/1988Final Fantasy+13 plt.jRPGDec 17, 198712/17/1987SUSPENDEDChocobo Racing 3Dracingsuspended01/01/1900

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