King Arthur / Camelot games

King Arthur: Legends RiseRPG202312/30/2023King Arthur: Knight's TaleRPG / tacticsApr 26, 202204/26/2022Pendragonindie / TBSSep 22, 202009/22/2020Preston Sterling and the Legend of Excalibur+2 plt.adventureMar 25, 201603/25/2016King Arthur's Goldaction / indieNov 5, 201311/05/2013Wild BloodactionSep 5, 201209/05/2012King Arthur II: The Role-Playing WargameRPG / RTSJan 27, 201201/27/2012King Arthur: Fallen ChampionsRPG / RTSSep 16, 201109/16/2011King Arthur: The DruidsRPG / RTSJan 18, 201101/18/2011King Arthur: The SaxonsRPG / RTSJul 8, 201007/08/2010King Arthur: The Role-playing WargameRPG / RTSNov 12, 200911/12/2009Legend of Camelotpuzzle, logic200712/30/2007Stronghold LegendsRTS / tacticsOct 13, 200610/13/2006King ArthuractionNov 16, 200411/16/2004Knight's Apprentice: Memorick's AdventuresplatformerJun 15, 200406/15/2004Arthur's Quest: Battle for the KingdomactionAug 26, 200208/26/2002Legion: The Legend of ExcaliburRPG / RTSJun 17, 200206/17/2002Arthur's Knights II: The Secret of MerlinRPGDec 21, 200112/21/2001Dark Age of CamelotMMORPGOct 9, 200110/09/2001The Sword of Camelotpuzzle, logic200012/30/2000Arthur's Knights: Tales of ChivalryRPGOct 31, 200010/31/2000Quest for Camelotaction / adventureDec 16, 199812/16/1998Excalibur 2555 ADaction199712/30/1997Last Knight at Camelotplatformer199612/30/1996Chronicles of the SwordquestFeb 23, 199602/23/1996King Arthur & the Knights of Justiceaction199412/30/1994King Arthur's K.O.R.TTBS199412/30/1994The Legend of Prince Valiantaction199212/30/1992King Arthur's WorldRTSNov 27, 199211/27/1992Vengeance of Excalibur+1 plt.RPG199112/30/1991Knights of the Roundbeat 'em up199112/30/1991Camelotplatformer199012/30/1990Conquests of Camelot: The Search for the Grailadventure199012/30/1990Spirit of Excalibur+2 plt.RPG199012/30/1990Grailquestadult / adventure198912/30/1989Arthur: The Quest for Excalibur+1 plt.quest198912/30/1989Read & Spell: In the Days of Knights and Castleseducational198912/30/1989Lancelot+7 plt.quest198812/30/1988Brimstone+3 plt.quest198512/30/1985Camelot Warriors+1 plt.platformer198512/30/1985Sir Lancelotplatformer198412/30/1984King Arthur's Questadventure198412/30/1984ExcaliburRTS198312/30/1983Sir Lancelotaction198312/30/1983Camelotadventure198312/30/1983King Arthur's Heir: Quest for Poweradventure198112/30/1981

King Arthur / Camelot similar games

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