Achilles: Legends Untold coming to PlayStation and Xbox consoles

April 27, 2023 by Alex Novichenko

Dark Point Games has announced that their action RPG game, Achilles: Legends Untold, set in ancient Greece, will be coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S consoles. In order to provide players with equal access to the game and to introduce new features and content, the release of the full version of the game on PC has been postponed to the third quarter of 2023 to coincide with the release on consoles.

According to Pawel Waszak, CEO of Dark Point Games, "The simultaneous release of the game for PCs and consoles, and therefore the postponement of the release of the full version of the game for PCs, will allow us to fully realize the potential of Achilles. As a result, we will have additional content for you, which will add even more variety and enrichment to the gameplay." The game features an innovative Group AI Action (GAIA) system, where players take on the role of the mighty warrior Achilles and are pitted against great warriors and mythological creatures in a centuries-long conflict between gods and people.

Achilles: Legends Untold launched in Early Access in May 2022. The development team plans to release at least two major updates before the game's full release, which will include new large maps, bosses, mini-bosses, enemies, achievements, storyline development, redesigned co-op gameplay, a character development system, GAIA actions, and more. The total gameplay time is planned to be around 20 to 30 hours, not including the New Game+ mode.

The game is currently available on Steam and Epic Games Store for $19.99 USD / € 18.99, and after the full release, it will be available for $24.99 / €23.99 on Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation Store, and the Microsoft Store.