Andromeda Initiative briefing continues

December 3, 2016 by Alex Novichenko

The second part of briefing to Andromeda Initiative project have become available. If you want to know more about your future mission in Mass Effect: Andromeda, Avina can shed a little light on what will happen. She is a virtual intellect, made as a hologram of Asari, containing many useful information and can answer all your questions. Just don’t expect any advices – she is designed only to give access to stored information.

Andromeda Initiative have a main goal of colonization new galaxy. It is very far from the Milky Way and even traveling faster than light, it will take several human lifespans to arrive to the destination point. All this time almost all the crew will be in cryogenic sleep – only interceptor pilots will be on duty to protect ships.

Upon arriving to the destination point, the first priority will be to assemble main station and start colonization. Player will take the role of one of the Pathfinders, who will be the first in finding new inhabitable planets.