Ballad of Antara: A New Dark Fantasy Action-RPG Revealed at PlayStation's State of Play

May 31, 2024 by Alex Novichenko

In the May 2024 State of Play event, PlayStation unveiled Ballad of Antara, a new dark fantasy action-RPG from Tipsworks Studio, with Infold Games serving as the publisher. The announcement included a cinematic trailer that not only introduced the game's aesthetic but also demonstrated gameplay elements reminiscent of the Soulslike genre, with an official launch targeted for 2025.

Set in a universe divided between a normal world and a mystical alternate realm known as Para, Ballad of Antara promises a complex narrative involving multiple characters whose fates are intertwined. The gameplay will vary depending on which world the player is navigating, enhancing the game's depth and replayability.

The protagonists, referred to as Emissaries, are central to the storyline. Yang Yang, the head of Tipsworks Studio, explains that the game focuses on locating and uniting these Emissaries to confront the catastrophic events afflicting the land. A key figure in the story, revealed at the trailer’s conclusion, is a young girl whose journey players will follow, aiding her in overcoming trials and adversaries to restore the devastated world.

Additionally, Ballad of Antara supports cooperative gameplay for up to three players, which includes shared adventures through story missions and dungeons. The developers have committed to post-launch updates that will expand the game with new characters, areas, and narrative content. Details about an upcoming beta test were mentioned, though specific dates remain unannounced.