Brutal action Redeemer announced for PC

February 17, 2017 by Alex Novichenko

Gambitious Digital Entertainment and indie developer Sobaka announced brutal action with top-down view. Redeemer looks really great and works on Unreal Engine 4. More than that – game is going to release this Spring, so it is not so long wait until you can try all this bloody action by yourself.

Redeemer story tells about elite operative by the name of Vasya, who worked on big and influential military corporation. Tired of all the dirty work he had to do, hero is forced to hide from his former employer in the mountain monastery. For the long 20 years he tries to find peace and harmony among his fellow monks, but his past is always reminding him about all he did.

Now corporation is again on Vasya’s track and he has the last chance to gain redemption for all he did in the past. You will have to kill all the enemies and stop mighty corporation, that transform normal people into killing machines.