CD Projekt Red Reveals The Witcher 4 Details in Financial Report

August 31, 2023 by Alex Novichenko

In its latest semi-annual financial report, CD Projekt Red has provided fresh insights into the status of the upcoming Witcher franchise installment, internally referred to as "Polaris," first unveiled early last year. According to information highlighted by Video Games Chronicle, The Witcher 4 now boasts a team of more than 250 developers.

Although CD Projekt's investor presentation primarily revolved around Cyberpunk 2077, with the ambitious Phantom Liberty expansion set to launch in September. Currently, the Phantom Liberty team stands as the largest, comprising approximately 300 individuals. However, as of the end of July, the Polaris team has expanded to nearly 260 developers. A significant shift is on the horizon after Phantom Liberty's release on September 26, as CD Projekt CEO Adam Kiciński has announced that "following the launch of Phantom Liberty, a substantial portion of the team will transition to Polaris."

Details about the next mainline Witcher game remain scarce, although CD Projekt initially revealed that it would mark the inception of "a new saga" within the franchise. Despite the sizable development team, expectations should be tempered regarding a release date, with 2025 at the earliest seeming optimistic for a game of this magnitude.

While Polaris is poised to be the next flagship entry in the series, CD Projekt has several other Witcher-related projects in the pipeline. This includes the spin-off "Project Sirius," under development by The Molasses Flood, known for "The Flame in the Flood." Furthermore, CD Projekt has plans for a main sequel to Cyberpunk 2077 and a completely new intellectual property, currently titled "Project Hadar."