Devs go into The Crew: Calling All Units details

November 25, 2016 by Alex Novichenko

Just a few days remain until release of Calling All Units DLC for The Crew. It will go live on November 29 and new developers diary will get you covered on some of its aspects.

In Calling All Units users will receive a real challenge in police pursuits. This is not related to more skillful AI, but inclusion of PvP – police cars will be driven by real players with much better skill and tactics then you average artificial intelligence.

By changing sides and starting to work on police, users will unlock new cars, granting them more flexibility in pursuits. To make this races more dynamic and interesting for users, developers also added special abilities, two of which player must choose from range of available skills. By using them in the right moments, you’ll be able to swiftly get away from cops or catch the ones you are pursuing, if you have chosen a policemen job.