Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Teaser Offers Glimpses at Locations

December 5, 2023 by Alex Novichenko

EA and BioWare celebrated Dragon Age Day by releasing a new teaser trailer for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, promising a full reveal in summer 2024. The video, less than a minute long, showcases various locations in Thedas, with a focus on Antiva, Rivain, and Anderfels. Different voiceovers accompany each section of the map, providing insights into each location.

In Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, you will need to assemble a team of brave and courageous companions to help you face an impending threat. Your companions are unique individuals with their own stories and goals, who will become your friends and helpers. Together, you will encounter a multitude of challenges that will test your strength and character. You will travel the world, explore ancient ruins, battle dangerous enemies, and make destiny-shaping decisions.