Eliza is a preorder bonus character for Tekken 7

January 25, 2017 by Alex Novichenko

In Tekken 7 you’ll be able to play as Eliza, firstly appeared in free to play Tekken Revolution. And don’t be deceived be here appearance – she may look young, but already spent more than thousand years in this world. She was sleeping in her tomb, hidden in the cellar, when Rochefort family started building mansion on top of it. This awaken her, but now the girl suffers from narcolepsy and can fall into the sleep even in the midst of battle. This is not very good and to make up for this weakness, vampire girl can restore some health during matches.

Eliza will be a DLC character for Tekken 7 and you can get her for free by preordering the game. This series part will also have a season pass. Harada said on Twitter that it will allow the Tekken team to continue supporting Tekken 7 for a year – far longer than the couple of months it normally gets.