Ex-CD Projekt Red Developers Tease Upcoming Project and Reveal Blank: An Exciting New Game Studio

June 1, 2023 by Alex Novichenko

A group of experienced individuals from the gaming industry, known for their work on popular games like The Witcher series and Cyberpunk 2077, have officially announced the formation of an ambitious new game studio called Blank. With a fresh start, this team aims to create beautifully crafted games and deliver unique experiences to players, avoiding unoriginal ideas and predictable entries. As part of the studio's announcement, the co-founders of Blank shared concept art from their upcoming project, a character-driven game set in an apocalypse but with some intriguing twists.

The co-founders of Blank include Mateusz Kanik, who previously worked at CD Projekt Red and now takes on the role of Game Director, along with Jędrzej Mróz (also from CD Projekt Red) and Marcin Jefimow (from CD Projekt Red and 11 Bit Studios) serving as Executive Producers. Mikołaj Marchewka, previously associated with Rookiez from Warsaw S.A, joins as the Managing Director. The founders have assembled an exceptional team of developers, including Michal Dobrowolski as Design Director (from CD Projekt Red) and Artur Ganszyniec as Narrative Director (from CD Projekt Red and 11 Bit Studios), with Grzegorz Przybyś as Art Director (from Division 48 Studio and Artificer).