For Honor developers released PC update to detect autoblock scripts

March 9, 2017 by Alex Novichenko

Ubisoft Montreal rolled out an update for PC version of For Honor, aiming to detect cheaters, that use different autoblock scripts. These are little programs, that allow your character to automatically block all incoming attacks, and it really ruins gameplay for some folks. We don’t know yet the results of this new functions, but I hope it will do its job well. Cheaters are the worst nightmare in online games for the ones who just want to have good gameplay experience and, if you ask me, they need to be permanently banned without any possibilities of refund.

This update also meant to solve some Nvidia mobile GPU problems, not capable of working in exclusive full screen mode. But some users on Reddit already noted, this fix didn’t help to everyone. Maybe, we’ll receive another small update soon for resolving this issue.