Foundation Update for No Man’s Sky is live, overview trailer

November 28, 2016 by Alex Novichenko

No Man’s Sky was not warmly received by gamers community on the release, and one of the reasons for it was false advertisement. Developers promised connected open world with millions of planets and more, but many of features were not present in game. Now they learned the lesson and making all possible to satisfy gamers. First step in this is the release of major update, called Foundation.


Firstly, new update introduces three game modes:

  • Normal mode is the original chilled exploration experience.
  • Creative mode allows players to explore the universe without limits, and build the biggest base they can (more on this below).
  • Survival mode creates a much more challenging endurance experience.

Secondly, Foundation Update allows players to build their own base on the planet of their choice. It can be used as shelter and storage, also opening new features. Farming crops and hiring NPC specialists from space stations for making researches is now available. You can also instantly teleport to your base.

Foundation Update for No Man’s Sky

Having your base also opens new features in the field – you can build equipment in the field, such as save points (essential for Survival mode), way points (to permanently mark and return to your discoveries), mining harvesters (to gather resources in your absence) and Signal Scanners (to find nearby resource deposits).

Foundation Update for No Man’s Sky

Building base on planet not the only one major element, added by Foundation Update. Now you can buy the loyalty of enormous freighters captain, which allows you to command it. This is expensive, but will allow you to transport and trade all across universe. You can also build new modules on this big ships.

Foundation Update for No Man’s Sky

There are also a lot of minor updates and improvements – UI, visual quality, Stackable Products, larger inventories, a quick menu and more.

Foundation Update for No Man’s Sky is already available for download and if you want full details of it, you can visit official page.