Jupiter Hell is successfully funded via Kickstarter

December 13, 2016 by Alex Novichenko

Jupiter Hell, roguelike game from DoomRL developers ChaosForge was successfully funded via Kickstarter after this month’s DoomRL site shutdown. The cease of project site was due to letter from Bethesda’s parent company Zenimax lawyers, in which they demanded its shutdown.

This may be even good for Kisielewicz – such an action from Doom IP owner attracted many people to Kickstarter project and helped to fully fund it.

Jupiter Hell will be turn-based tactical roguelike with procedurally generated levels, tile-based movement and permanent death. You’ll be even able to switch between nice looking graphics with animations and special effects to ASCII-representation of all happening on screen.

You can still help the project if you like to – Kickstarter campaign is still active and will be closed in approximately 15 hours.