Life is Feudal: MMO Announces Steam Relaunch and Player Appreciation Campaign

April 16, 2024 by Alex Novichenko

Long Tale Games has announced the Steam relaunch of Life is Feudal: MMO scheduled for April 18, 2024, along with a special Balance Restoration Campaign for early players. Those who made previous purchases will receive LiF coins, redeemable for a game subscription. Since its June 2023 relaunch, the game has transitioned to a subscription-based model, eliminating pay-to-win elements to ensure a level playing field based purely on player skill. Initially exclusive to LTG's platform, it will now also be available on Steam.

Post-relaunch, Life is Feudal: MMO has undergone extensive updates, with over 150 changes to items, the introduction of new buildings and professions, and the addition of features like in-game voice chat and anti-cheat systems. LTG plans to continue making community-driven updates, including a new map and further game improvements, until mid-2024, reflecting its commitment to developing the game in response to player feedback.