Meet Devinder Crousley: The Cryptid Hunter in Redfall

April 21, 2023 by Alex Novichenko

Redfall used to be a peaceful place until a strange incident occurred, bringing vampires, cultists, and even extradimensional portals to psychic realms to the island. However, a team of four heroes is fighting against them.

While players have already met Layla, Jacob, and Remi, they are now being introduced to Devinder Crousley, an internet famous cryptozoologist and self-taught inventor. Devinder is an expert in weird and hidden creatures and has come to Redfall to promote his new book, "Like a Mothman to the Flame." However, he gets trapped on the island, and his inventions to track cryptids finally come in handy in the team's mission to take down the vampire gods.

Devinder's Arc Javelin is an electrified javelin made of sports equipment and electronics that stuns and damages enemies with powerful bolts of electricity. Players can also use his Translocate ability to quickly teleport to another location or to help allies do the same. Devinder's Blacklight is a powerful burst of UV light that temporarily blinds humans and petrifies vampires, making it easier to stake them.