Meet Jacob Boyer, the Sniper with a Vampiric Eye in Redfall

April 12, 2023 by Alex Novichenko

Redfall is under attack from vampires and only a team of four skilled vampire slayers can save the island. As players take on the role of one of the heroes, they will encounter Jacob Boyer, a former special forces sniper with unique vampiric abilities. Jacob's backstory is revealed in the "Meet the Heroes of Redfall" series, where players can learn about each hero's skills and abilities.

After a contract with a private military company brought him to Redfall, Jacob found himself facing off against the vampiric "gods" who now rule the island. A run-in with one of them left Jacob with a vampiric eye and a spectral raven companion, which he can summon to scout out and mark nearby threats.

Jacob also has access to a prototype cloaking device, which allows him to turn invisible temporarily and evade or sneak up on enemies. Additionally, he possesses the unique ability to summon a ghostly sniper rifle using psychic residue, dealing out a series of lethal headshots from afar. Will Jacob and his team be able to defeat the vampires and save Redfall? Players will have to join the fight to find out.