Microsoft Showcases New Perfect Dark Gameplay at Xbox Games Showcase

June 10, 2024 by Alex Novichenko

Microsoft revealed new gameplay footage of the anticipated Perfect Dark reboot during the Xbox Games Showcase, highlighting agent Joanna Dark’s missions in a dystopian Cairo. Designed for both series newcomers and veterans, the game melds first-person shooting with immersive sim and stealth-action elements, creating a robust secret agent experience.

The narrative unfolds in a world devastated by The Cascade, a series of environmental disasters, with a mega-corporation, Core Mantis, deploying The GEN Network to restore ecological balance in newly walled cities. The gameplay emphasizes advanced traversal techniques like parkour and strategic use of gadgets for interaction and combat integration.

Developed by Microsoft’s The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics, the game is yet to have a release date but will debut on Game Pass.