MultiVersus Early Access to End in June, Full Launch Planned for 2024

March 28, 2023 by Alex Novichenko

Early access for MultiVersus will end on June 25, and the full game is expected to launch in early 2024, according to an announcement by Warner Bros. Games and Player First Games. The companies expressed gratitude to players for participating in the open beta and described it as a "stepping stone" for the next phase of MultiVersus.

Player First Games has plans to improve the game's content cadence, matchmaking, progression system, and netcode, as well as provide new means for players to connect online. After the early access period ends, MultiVersus won't receive any updates, but players will still have access to the training room, local matches, characters, and cosmetics in an offline capacity. However, refunds won't be available for purchases made during the game's downtime, including Founder's Packs and Gleamium bundles.