PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for April 2024

March 28, 2024 by Alex Novichenko

April's PlayStation Plus lineup invites members to dive into a world of enchantment and strategy, featuring three distinct gaming experiences. Starting Tuesday, April 2, through Monday, May 6, members can access Immortals of Aveum, Minecraft Legends, and Skul: The Hero Slayer.

First up, Immortals of Aveum for PS5 offers a single-player journey where players step into the boots of Jak, a new recruit in a prestigious guild of battle mages, aiming to prevent their world from plunging into darkness. With a gameplay foundation built on dynamic, spell-based combat, players will navigate through challenges using magic for both attack and defense, mastering over 25 spells and 80 talents, and forging powerful magical equipment to become the ultimate mage.

Next, Minecraft Legends for PS4 and PS5 presents a unique blend of action and strategy set within the iconic blocky universe. Players will explore vibrant lands on the verge of ruin, rallying allies and leading them into battle to fend off the invading piglins. Offering both solo and cooperative online play for up to eight participants, this title challenges gamers to protect their domain and outmaneuver opponents in a bid to save the Overworld.

Lastly, Skul: The Hero Slayer for PS4 brings a narrative-driven adventure where players, in the role of Skul, a solitary skeleton, embark on a quest to rescue his demon comrades from captivity. This 2D action platformer integrates rogue-like elements, offering a dynamic gameplay experience with a diverse arsenal of abilities tailored to different combat styles. Players will find strategic depth in selecting and swapping abilities on the fly to overcome adversaries.