Prepare for the Final Stand: Flames of Retribution Update for Age of Darkness

April 5, 2023 by Alex Novichenko

Team17 and PlaySide Studios have unveiled Flames of Retribution, the most extensive update yet for the renowned survival RTS, Age of Darkness: Final Stand. Since its launch in October 2021 on Steam Early Access, the game has received new heroes and updates. Flames of Retribution will introduce the first seven of ten fully voiced campaign chapters, a new hero named Merek, who will join the Survival Mode, and other enhancements.

Be a part of the Campaign journey from the beginning with The Prologue, which sets the tone for the highly anticipated campaign of Age of Darkness: Final Stand. The Campaign will consist of three Acts, each with its unique missions that expand the story and take it to new and chilling depths. Get ready to experience the next level of this incredible game on a global scale on April 19th, with the release of Acts I & II of Flames of Retribution.