Resident Evil 4's Fan Favorite Mode "The Mercenaries" is Now Available as Free DLC

April 7, 2023 by Alex Novichenko

Capcom has released fan favorite mode The Mercenaries for Resident Evil 4, as a free DLC.

Players can enjoy the fast-paced gameplay of The Mercenaries, where they need to defeat as many enemies as possible in a limited amount of time to earn the highest score. In the trailer you can see Leon with all his weapons, and players need to make quick decisions about which weapon to use against which enemy.

The game also includes green time orbs that can give players extra time and yellow Mayhem Mode meter that increases basic abilities such as attack power and movement speed. The Mercenaries supports the DualSense controller features and players can enjoy haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

This free DLC is available today.