Riven to Launch on Meta Quest 2 & 3 with Full VR Experience

May 15, 2024 by Alex Novichenko

Cyan Worlds announced that Riven, the classic narrative-driven puzzle game, will launch on Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3 VR platforms, as well as Windows (VR and flatscreen) and Mac. This updated version of Riven will allow players to experience the game with immersive VR capabilities, particularly enhanced on Meta Quest 3 with its advanced power and resolution.

Utilizing Unreal Engine 5 and the capabilities of the Meta Quest system, Riven promises to deliver stunning 3D visuals and new levels of immersion. This remake is a love letter to 90s narrative-driven puzzle games, inviting players to explore, uncover clues, and immerse themselves in the rich lore of Riven’s five enigmatic islands.