Sherlock Holmes The Awakened: New Trailer and Release Date Announced

March 7, 2023 by Alex Novichenko

Ukrainian company Frogwares has released a new trailer for the detective adventure game, Sherlock Holmes The Awakened, and announced its release date. The project will be released on April 11 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One & Switch.

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened is a remake of the detective adventure game released in 2007, featuring not only standard graphics improvements, but also changed investigation mechanics, storyline and side quests.

Sherlock Holmes takes on the investigation of mysterious disappearances in Europe and the United States. All leads to the fact that they are obviously connected with the activities of a dark cult worshiping an Ancient God. But no matter what their plan is, the legendary detective must put an end to it... or face terrible consequences. The main character and his faithful companion, Doctor Watson, embark on a journey, unaware that they will soon be drawn into an even bigger conspiracy than they could have imagined.