Star Trek: Resurgence Release Date Announced

April 26, 2023 by Alex Novichenko

Dramatic Labs, the developer of Star Trek: Resurgence, has announced the game's release date. It will be available for purchase on May 23 via the Epic Games Store on PC and on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Set after Star Trek: The Next Generation, the game's plot involves an uprising by workers that threatens the fragile peace between two alien civilizations. Starfleet's best will be sent to intervene and act as a mediator. The story is told through the perspectives of two characters: Jara Rydek, the first officer of USS Resolute and a member of the diplomatic team led by Ambassador Spock, and Carter Diaz, an engineering crew member who experiences the mission from the lower decks.

As you play, you will make crucial decisions and engage in moments of action that will impact the overall story in unforeseen ways.