System Shock Remake Released

May 31, 2023 by Alex Novichenko

The highly anticipated remake of the cult classic 1994 game System Shock has been released, combining the genres of RPG and FPS and becoming one of the pioneers of the immersive simulator genre. It is available for purchase on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store. Releases for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PlayStation 5 are also planned but will be released at a later date.

System Shock Remake puts you in the shoes of a renowned hacker. After being caught during a risky hack, you become dependent on the greedy leader of TriOptimum. You wake up six months later from a healing coma in the midst of a horrifying catastrophe. Where are all the people, and why is the station in such a dire state? Gradually, you are overcome by the chilling realization that something is amiss.

The Citadel station was once the main research center for the corporation, but now it is teeming with cyborgs, robots, and mutated creatures programmed to serve SHODAN, a ruthless artificial intelligence.