Team Asobi Announces New Astro Bot Game for PS5 at Sony's State of Play

May 31, 2024 by Alex Novichenko

At Sony's State of Play event, Team Asobi, a first-party studio, unveiled their upcoming project: a new game in the Astro Bot series slated for release in September 6, 2024 on the PS5.

The game, simply titled Astro Bot, debuted with a trailer showcasing the charming robot engaging in platforming and combat, all set to an infectious soundtrack. The trailer also nods to various classic games, celebrating the rich history of PlayStation gaming.

Further details emerged post-presentation, indicating that Astro Bot will not be free but available for preorder. The game will span six galaxies with more than 80 levels featuring diverse environments such as forests, beaches, volcanoes, and even massive hourglasses.

Continuing the series legacy of leveraging PlayStation technology, Astro Bot will introduce 15 new abilities specifically designed to utilize the innovative features of the DualSense controller.