The Elder Scrolls Online Welcomes Gold Road Expansion

January 19, 2024 by Alex Novichenko

As The Elder Scrolls Online nears its 10th anniversary, Zenimax Online Studios is set to introduce the Gold Road expansion, featuring the long-awaited Scribing system for spell crafting. The expansion launches in June, first on PC and Mac (June 3) followed by consoles (June 18).

Scribing offers the potential for diverse builds across all classes with its primary, secondary, and tertiary effects in Grimoires. With 22 collectible styles available at launch, players can aesthetically customize these Grimoires. These will integrate with existing skill lines, including those not directly related to Gold Road's content.

Each major Weapon and World skill line will have at least one Grimoire, providing new options for underused lines like Soul Magic. The Gold Road expansion, set in the West Weald region of Cyrodiil, features a new zone with various biomes and the capital city, Skingrad. It includes the usual mix of quests, a new 12-player trial (Lucent Citadel), and a main story, continuing ESO’s tradition of annual expansions since Morrowind in 2017.

This chapter also introduces the 18th Daedric Prince, Ithelia, expanding the TES lore. Players completing both the Necrom and Gold Road main stories can access special quests tying the narratives together.