Total War: PHARAOH has been released on PC

October 12, 2023 by Alex Novichenko

SEGA, in collaboration with The Creative Assembly, has launched a trailer for their real-time strategy game, Total War: PHARAOH, now available on PC since October 11th. Set in the heart of Ancient Egypt, players will find themselves amidst pivotal moments that pose a grave threat to this illustrious civilization during its golden era. Players are offered intense real-time combat scenarios, complemented by strategic turn-based empire management.

As you strive to rise as Egypt's last formidable Pharaoh, you'll navigate challenges tied to this iconic culture's potential decline. Traverse a detailed Bronze Age setting, address societal challenges, tackle nature's fury, and defend against external aggressors. Immerse yourself in Ancient Egypt's mesmerizing saga and lead your empire to newfound heights.