You can revive your corpse and ride moose in NieR: Automata – new open world gameplay videorevive

February 13, 2017 by Alex Novichenko

Platinum Games, the studio that created some nice slashers in the past, releasing NieR Automata in the near future. This time they will add some open world to their successful combo mechanics with a dystopian futuristic look on Earth and its inhabitants.

First to mention is the reincarnation system. Being an android, main heroine can’t really die – after body destruction her consciousness is transferred to a new body with all gained experience. Then she is again free to go on her daily hero business. But the most interesting part of this lays in the fact that her broken body remains in the world and you can even interact with it. By examining the body, you are given a choice – take it apart or repair. The first choice is not very interesting, but the second one really is. Depending on the duration since death, repaired body can become your assistant or attack you if the time was long enough for it to be corrupted. But this is not bad as you can imagine in the first place – after defeating such enemy you will receive much greater bonuses, than just for dismantling it.

The other interesting thing in video is using animals as mounts. You can really ride a pretty large moose in NieR: Automata, even ramming through enemies! Name another game, where you can do this!