List of Bethesda Softworks games

Marvel’s BladeactionTBA12/31/2500The Elder Scrolls VIRPGTBA12/31/2500Indiana Jones and the Great Circleaction / adventure202412/30/2024The Elder Scrolls: CastlesmanagementSep 27, 202309/27/2023StarfieldRPGSep 6, 202309/06/2023Quake II+2 plt.FPSAug 10, 202308/10/2023RedfallFPSMay 2, 202305/02/2023Mighty DOOMshoot 'em upMar 21, 202303/21/2023Hi-Fi RUSHaction / beat 'em up / musicalJan 25, 202301/25/2023Quake Championsonline-shooterAug 18, 202208/18/2022GhostWire: TokyoadventureMar 25, 202203/25/2022Deathloop+1 plt.actionSep 14, 202109/14/2021Quake+3 plt.FPSAug 19, 202108/19/2021The Elder Scrolls: BladesRPGMay 12, 202005/12/2020DOOM Eternal+4 plt.FPSMar 20, 202003/20/2020Wolfenstein: CyberpilotactionJul 25, 201907/25/2019Wolfenstein: Youngblood+2 plt.FPSJul 25, 201907/25/2019RAGE 2+1 plt.FPSMay 14, 201905/14/2019Fallout 76MMORPGNov 14, 201811/14/2018DOOM VFRFPSDec 1, 201712/01/2017Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus+1 plt.FPSOct 27, 201710/27/2017The Evil Within 2adventure / horrorOct 13, 201710/13/2017Dishonored: Death of the OutsiderstealthSep 15, 201709/15/2017PreyactionMay 5, 201705/05/2017The Elder Scrolls: Legends+1 plt.cardMar 9, 201703/09/2017Dishonored 2stealthNov 11, 201611/11/2016Doom+2 plt.FPSMay 13, 201605/13/2016Fallout 4+2 plt.RPGNov 10, 201511/10/2015Fallout Shelter+3 plt.managementJun 15, 201506/15/2015Wolfenstein: The Old BloodFPSMay 5, 201505/05/2015The Evil Within+2 plt.adventure / horrorOct 14, 201410/14/2014Wolfenstein: The New Order+2 plt.FPSMay 20, 201405/20/2014The Elder Scrolls Online+4 plt.MMORPGApr 4, 201404/04/2014Doom 3 BFG EditionFPSOct 16, 201210/16/2012Dishonored+2 plt.stealthOct 9, 201210/09/2012The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim+5 plt.RPGNov 11, 201111/11/2011RAGEFPSOct 4, 201110/04/2011Hunted: The Demon's Forgeaction / RPGMay 31, 201105/31/2011BRINKFPSMay 10, 201105/10/2011Fallout: New VegasRPGOct 19, 201010/19/2010

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