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List of Microsoft Game Studios games

Age of Empires IVRTSTBA12/31/2500BelowRPGTBA12/31/2500Ori and the Will of the WispsplatformerTBA12/31/2500The Artful Escapeadventure / indie / platformerTBA12/31/2500The Darwin ProjectMMO (other) / survivalTBA12/31/2500Age of Empires: Definitive EditionRTS201812/30/2018Sea of ThievesMMORPG201812/30/2018Crackdown 33rd person shooterSpring 201805/30/2018State of Decay 23rd person shooter / survival201805/30/2018Phantom Dustaction201712/30/2017Forza Motorsport 7autosimOct 3, 201710/03/2017EARLY ACCESSPlayerUnknown's Battlegroundsonline-shooterEarly access: Mar 23, 201703/23/2017Halo Wars 2RTSFeb 21, 201702/21/2017Dead Rising 4actionDec 6, 201612/06/2016Happy Dungeonsaction / MMO (other)Dec 6, 201612/06/2016Gears of War 43rd person shooterOct 11, 201610/11/2016Forza Horizon 3autosimSep 27, 201609/27/2016ReCoreactionSep 13, 201609/13/2016Forza Motorsport 6: ApexautosimSep 7, 201609/07/2016INSIDEplatformer / puzzle, logicJun 29, 201606/29/2016Quantum BreakactionApr 5, 201604/05/2016FragmentsadventureMar 30, 201603/30/2016Young ConkerplatformerMar 30, 201603/30/2016Killer Instinct Season 3fightingMar 29, 201603/29/2016Rise of the Tomb Raider+1 plt.actionNov 10, 201511/10/2015Halo 5: GuardiansFPSOct 27, 201510/27/2015Forza Motorsport 6autosimSep 15, 201509/15/2015Disney Infinity 3.0+5 plt.for kidsAug 28, 201508/28/2015Gears of War Ultimate Edition3rd person shooterAug 25, 201508/25/2015Halo: Spartan Strikeshoot 'em upApr 16, 201504/16/2015Forza Horizon 2 presents - Fast & FuriousautosimMar 27, 201503/27/2015Ori and The Blind ForestplatformerMar 11, 201503/11/2015Screamridemanagement / simulatorMar 3, 201503/03/2015Kalimbaplatformer / puzzle, logicDec 17, 201412/17/2014Halo 2: AnniversaryFPSNov 11, 201411/11/2014Sunset OverdriveactionOct 28, 201410/28/2014Killer Instinct Season 2fightingOct 15, 201410/15/2014Project SparkactionOct 7, 201410/07/2014Forza Horizon 2autosimSep 30, 201409/30/2014D4adventureSep 19, 201409/19/2014

Microsoft Game Studios games latest news

Here you can see a list of video games, developed or published by Microsoft Game Studios. It may not contain some titles, but we constantly updating our database to make it as complete as possible. If you have any information about other games, developed or published by Microsoft Game Studios, feel free to contact us.