List of Sony Interactive Entertainment games

Ghost of TsushimaactionTBA12/31/2500Gran Turismo 7autosimTBA12/31/2500SkytornplatformerTBA12/31/2500The Last of Us: Part 2actionTBA12/31/2500The Modern Zombie Taxi Co.arcadeTBA12/31/2500WattamactionTBA12/31/2500WiLDMMO (other)TBA12/31/2500Predator: Hunting Groundsonline-shooter202012/30/2020Marvel’s Iron Man VRaction201912/30/2019Death StrandingactionNov 8, 201911/08/2019MediEvil Remasteraction / adventureOct 25, 201910/25/2019Concrete GenieadventureOct 8, 201910/08/2019ReadySet HeroesactionOct 1, 201910/01/2019Ericaadventure / horrorAug 19, 201908/19/2019Blood & TruthFPSMay 28, 201905/28/2019Everybody's Golf VRsportMay 21, 201905/21/2019Days GoneactionApr 26, 201904/26/2019EARLY ACCESSDREAMSactionEarly access: Apr 16, 201904/16/2019Ghost Giantpuzzle, logicApr 16, 201904/16/2019Eden TomorrowadventureJan 15, 201901/15/2019Tetris Effectpuzzle, logicNov 9, 201811/09/2018DeracineadventureNov 6, 201811/06/2018Omen of SorrowfightingNov 6, 201811/06/2018Immortal: Unchained3rd person shooter / RPGSep 7, 201809/07/2018Marvel’s Spider-ManactionSep 7, 201809/07/2018Firewall Zero Hourteem shooterAug 28, 201808/28/2018The PersistencehorrorJul 24, 201807/24/2018Detroit: Become HumanadventureMay 25, 201805/25/2018God of WaractionApr 20, 201804/20/2018MLB The Show 18sportMar 27, 201803/27/2018Bravo TeamFPSMar 7, 201803/07/2018Mossadventure / arcadeFeb 27, 201802/27/2018Shadow of the ColossusadventureFeb 6, 201802/06/2018The InpatienthorrorJan 23, 201801/23/2018InvectormusicalDec 7, 201712/07/2017OureadventureOct 30, 201710/30/2017Hidden AgendaadventureOct 24, 201710/24/2017Gran Turismo SportautosimOct 18, 201710/18/2017Knack 2actionSep 5, 201709/05/2017New Hot Shots GolfsportAug 29, 201708/29/2017

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