List of From Software games

Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon+2 plt.actionAug 25, 202308/25/2023Elden Ring+2 plt.action / RPGFeb 25, 202202/25/2022Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice+1 plt.actionMar 22, 201903/22/2019DeracineadventureNov 6, 201811/06/2018Dark Souls IIIaction / RPGMar 24, 201603/24/2016Bloodborneaction / RPGMar 24, 201503/24/2015Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin+2 plt.action / RPGFeb 5, 201502/05/2015Dark Souls IIaction / RPGMar 11, 201403/11/2014Armored Core: Verdict DayactionSep 24, 201309/24/2013Steel Battalion: Heavy Armoraction / simulatorJun 19, 201206/19/2012Mobile Suit Gundam UnicornactionMar 8, 201203/08/2012Armored Core 5actionJan 26, 201201/26/2012Dark Souls+3 plt.action / RPGSep 22, 201109/22/2011Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airu VillagejRPGAug 26, 201008/26/2010Demon's Soulsaction / RPGFeb 5, 200902/05/2009Ninja Bladeaction / adventureJan 29, 200901/29/2009Tenchu: Shadow Assassins (Tenchu 4)stealthOct 23, 200810/23/2008Tenchu: Shadow AssaultactionOct 8, 200810/08/2008Armored Core: For AnsweractionMar 19, 200803/19/2008Armored Core 4actionDec 21, 200612/21/2006Tenchu Z (Senran)stealthOct 5, 200610/05/2006ChromehoundsactionJun 29, 200606/29/2006Tenchu: Dark SecretstealthApr 6, 200604/06/2006Enchanted ArmsjRPGJan 12, 200601/12/2006Armored Core: Last RavenactionAug 4, 200508/04/2005Tenchu: Time of the Assassins (Shinobi Taizen)stealthJul 28, 200507/28/2005Metal Wolf Chaos+1 plt.3rd person shooterDec 22, 200412/22/2004Armored Core: Formula FrontactionDec 12, 200412/12/2004Armored Core: Nine BreakeractionOct 28, 200410/28/2004Tenchu: Fatal ShadowsstealthJul 22, 200407/22/2004Kuonadventure / horrorApr 1, 200404/01/2004Armored Core: NexusactionMar 18, 200403/18/2004Shadow Tower: AbyssRPGOct 23, 200310/23/2003Tenchu: Wrath of HeavenstealthMar 3, 200303/03/2003Silent Line: Armored CoreactionJan 23, 200301/23/2003Armored Core 3actionApr 1, 200204/01/2002King's Field IVRPGOct 4, 200110/04/2001Armored Core 2: Another AgeactionApr 12, 200104/12/2001The Adventures of Cookie & CreamactionDec 7, 200012/07/2000Armored Core 2actionAug 3, 200008/03/2000

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